The World Changers' Model

Below is a diagram representation of the World Changers' grassroots empowerment model, which applies primarily to WCA's unemployed students, but most elements also apply to its high school students.

WCA routinely runs 10–12, four-week life skills courses, simultaneously, every six weeks, in three self-managed regions. The organisation's partners run similar programmes in their regions. Such outreach efforts are made seven or eight times a year. From all the students enrolled in each outreach effort, approximately 10 percent attend WCA's residential leadership programme, which runs for 11 weeks (five weeks residential class training and six weeks of practical volunteer work, often involving assistance with upcoming life skills courses in their home communities). From those leadership students, approximately 10 percent are selected to attend an intensive three-month, residential, volunteer training programme. Most of those who attend this volunteer training programme become full-time staff members at World Changers Academy. As a matter of fact, currently, all but three of 40 staff members have undergone this learning process, having started as an unemployed person who then attended a life skills, leadership, and volunteer training programme. (The volunteer programme was started in 2009, so not all staff have done this).

In addition to this process, all unemployed life skills students are encouraged to participate in WCA's 12-week follow-up programme, highlighted in the diagram below, which includes weekly sessions for the first five weeks followed by sessions every other week for the rest of the period. Students are encouraged to be productive in their communities. During this follow-up programme, students are channeled into various job, study, and entrepreneurial opportunities, depending on their needs and interests.

Programmes for high school students are conducted using a similar model, but there is understandably less emphasis on follow-up programmes. To see course durations for WCA's high school programmes, click here.