Current "Needs" List

Note:  All bold-highlighted needs, below, are the most urgent! Needed quantities are in parenthesis.

GOODS for the Shongweni Leadership Centre and Headquarters

APPLIANCES:  Fridge (need 1); Microwave (1); Deep Freezer (1); Washing Machine (2 needed, preferably heavy duty); Industrial Toaster (1); Urn (2); Kettle (2); Clothes Dryer (2 needed, preferably heavy duty)

FURNITURE:  Sofas (need 2); Bunk Beds (2); Beds (20); Wardrobes (30); Cabinets (15); Chairs (100); Desks (4); Tables (10)

MAINTENANCE ITEMS:  Geysers (need 2); Tools, Brooms, Mops, Paint, Tiles (quantities of each); Grass Cutter (2)

OFFICE EQUIPMENT:  Printers (need 3); Fax Machine (2); Answering Machine (1); Filing Cabinet (2); Photocopier (1)

BUILDING and UPGRADING:  Fencing and Building Materials (sand, cement, etc.); Doors (need 5)

VEHICLES:  Minivan and Bakkie (a Pickup Truck) (need 1); Automobiles (2)

FOOD DONATIONS:  Especially for leadership courses, as most students can't pay the full amount or pay anything for food.

COMPUTER EQUIPMENT:  Computers (Pentium-IIIs and higher) for office (need 10) and for computer training programmes (numerous quantities); Printers, parts, and peripherals for office and computer training programmes

OTHER:  Bedding and Blankets (need 120 beds, 200 blankets); Mattresses (50); Curtains; Books; Garden Plants; Cutlery/Crockery; Stationary; Files/Folders; Sports Balls; Digital Projector; Cell Phones (for staff); Fabrics


TECHNICAL SKILLS:  Plumbing; Electrical; Building; Carpentry; Auditing; General Maintenance; Architectural; PC Repair; Vehicle Maintenance and Repair; Printing (brochures, manuals, signs)

TRAINING and MENTORING:  Teaching (Life Skills, Leadership); Marking (Assignments and Tests); Mentoring Business Startups and Others; Computer Training; Mentoring and counselling (staff and students)

OTHER:  Fundraising; Goods Collection; Administration and Finance; Coordinating Outreach Teams; Student Follow-up; Communications and Marketing; Researching Course Impact


• Students

Course Amount
LIFE SKILLS for the Unemployed R650 ($87)
LIFE SKILLS for High School Students R200 ($27)
LEADERSHIP for the Unemployed R2,500 ($333)
LEADERSHIP for High School Students R750 ($100)
Costs are calculated in Rands (S. Africa currency) using a conversion rate of R7.5 to $1.

• Full-Time Workers  Each World Changers staff member (currently, there are around 35) needs financial support, according to his or her skills and needs. Need help with monthly support, you can contribute a part or the full salary of a staff member.

• Discipleship Training Schools  A number of World Changers people have been sent for training to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and other organizations. Six-month YWAM courses in SA cost between R6,000 ($800) and R15,000 ($2,000) per course (depending on location).

• Support for Business Startups  Businessmen people continue to mentor those emerging entrepreneurs who have previously been unemployed to start local businesses. Such startup businesses need investment capital amounting to as low as R200 ($27) to more than R100,000 ($13,333).

• Further Training for Unemployed Students from Empowerment Courses  Over the years, many lives have been positively transformed through World Changers' courses — people have seen new vision for their life. Today, many need help getting additional training (ranging from sewing courses to four-year university degrees) to help them achieve their goals.

• In-Service Training and Employment  There is great need for the placement of students in jobs and in-service volunteer training. While the government supports learnerships within companies, World Changers can liaise to make these important connections possible.