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Press Releases

Media Coverage


"Ready to Change Their Worlds", Sunday Tribune, 23 May 2004

"A Chance to Start Again," Sunday Tribune, 6 June 2004

"Township Experience for Foreign Students," The Daily News, 21 May 2004

"Aussie Back to Motivate Young People," The Daily News, 2 February 2005


"Hosanna," a documentary on Joe White, SABC2, 28 July 2002 *

"3:16," interviews with Joe White and Vusi Kweyama, SABC2, 1 August 2004 *

Interview with World Changers high school life skills students and facilitators, GDTV, July 2004

Interview with Prince Manyoni, GDTV, 2005 (unknown date)

* An asterisk denotes available clips.


Interview with Joe White and Vusi Kweyama, Highway Radio, 2003 (unknown date)

World Changers broadcasts (about 40 hours of programming), Radio KNI ("Igagasi"), April–May 2004

World Changers broadcasts (about 30 hours of programming), Radio KNI ("Igagasi"), October–November 2004

World Changers broadcasts (more than 40 hours of programming), Radio KNI ("Igagasi"), May–June 2005 *

World Changers broadcasts (about 20 hours of programming), Radio KNI ("Igagasi"), December 2007–January 2008

Sizwe Mthembu on African Renaissance, Ukhosi FM, 24 July 2005

Note: If you'd like to obtain radio or TV clips, to have them sent to you.

* An asterisk denotes which clips are available. The May–June 2005 Radio KNI sessions are available on MP3 file only; all 40 hours fit on one CD.