WCA's Profile, Vision, and More

Mission To change and develop the minds, hearts, and spirits of people for life success.

Vision To empower people for success through values-based life skills training and to raise up emerging leaders to greatly impact their communities, nations, and the world.


  • Life skills training
  • Leadership training for emerging leaders
  • Networking students with people of influence and opportunities

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World Changers Academy was founded in August 2002 by Sizwe Mthembu (a pastor, former teacher, and businessman from northern KwaZulu Natal) and Joe White (an American who lived for five years in KwaNyuswa, a semi-rural Zulu community near Durban, doing community empowerment work). As a result of their diverse experiences with community work, Sizwe and Joe both came to realise that individual empowerment had to be based on a combination of social, spiritual, and economic efforts in one holistic project. Thus they decided to found World Changers Academy. In August of 2002, the first programme started with a three-month Life Skills empowerment course for 100 unemployed youth. Since then, many thousands have been trained through hundreds of WCA's courses in more than 75 different communities.

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Three high school students view WCA's teaching exhibits at a recent educational conference

High school students check out
WCA-SA's teaching exhibits.

Target Groups
Primary Focus
  • The Unemployed
  • High School Students

Other/Future Target Groups
  • Employees
  • Tertiary (University) Students
  • Organisational Leaders

A life skills programme leader teaches his class

Leading a life skills programme

Core Values
  • Integrity — The message and the messenger must be one.
  • Ubuntu (Community Consciousness) — I am because you are.
  • Servant Leadership — Seeking to serve rather than to be served.
  • Empowerment — Helping others to achieve their God-given potential
  • Fruitfulness — Using what we have and making the most of it; time, skills, and resources, with a strong work ethic.
  • Culture of Learning — Learning is a life long journey; we should never stop.

Legal Status
  • Name registered as World Changers Academy
  • Section 21 Company — 6 September 2004 — CK No: 2004/024889/08
  • Non-profit Organisation (NPO) — 28 July 2005 — No: 042-260-NPO
  • Public Benefit Organisation (Tax-Exemption Status) — PBO # 930 018 909
  • Provisionally Accredited by Services SETA (under the South African Qualifications Authority — SAQA)
  • VAT Registration and Exemption — No: 4310 244 258
  • Tax Reference — No: 921 909 2161
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund — No: U890757364

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