Success Stories

World Changers Academy has helped to change thousands of lives in small and big ways. Below are just a few of many success stories about lives that have been positively transformed.

Name: Msizi GumedeFormer drug dealer Msizi Gumede works at World Changers headquarters office
Date of Birth: 25 April 1972
Location: KwaNyuswa
Hobbies: Reading
Time Span with WCA-SA:
August 2002 to present
Life Skills Graduate: August 2002

Msizi Gumede Msizi joined the first life skills course in KwaNyuswa in August 2002. He was a drug dealer in the area until his life was changed through World Changers. Msizi was also selected to take the first leadership course given in March 2003 and was chosen "Best Overall Student" among the 25 students.

Msizi then assisted WCA by coordinating life skills courses and leadership courses until he was selected by Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Belfast to take a 10-month Discipleship Training School (DTS) study in Belfast, UK, in late 2003, based upon his maturity and quality of character.

After returning from the UK, he rejoined World Changers and has played many roles in the organization since. In late 2004, he took the post of life skills programme manager. In 2007, he was appointed WCA's chief administrator, a precursor to the current post of operations manager. Then, in late 2007, he fulfilled the combined role of programmes manager (all programmes) and human resources (HR) manager. Currently, he oversees all of World Changers programmes in the KZN South Coast region.

In 2008, Msizi was invited to Australia to be a co-speaker at an event with then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. The event was coordinated by the Oaktree Foundation, a partner of World Changers. Msizi spoke about his life journey and shared the positive affect that World Changers has had on his life and the lives of many others.

Msizi has come a long way from dealing drugs on the streets to dealing a different drug today — one containing a message of hope, selfless service, and people empowerment — to thousands of young people.


Name: Vusi KweyamaVusi Kweyama stands in front of the painted mural on his organisation's main building
Date of Birth: 11 June 1978
Location: KwaNyuswa
Time Span with WCA-SA:
August 2002 to December
Life Skills Graduate: August 2002

Vusi Kweyama Like his very good friend Msizi, Vusi joined the first life skills course in August 2002, only two weeks after being released from prison. He had been in and out of prison more times than he could remember.

Vusi was involved in the 26 prison gang and was a hardened criminal at a young age. One of his original intentions after taking the life skills course was to find a way to steal the academy's computers. Instead, he was so inspired by World Changers' teachings that he completely turned around his life.

Shortly after the course finished, Vusi started to coach children in soccer and teach them life skills. He also drew together a number of his criminal friends and teach them life skills as well. As a result of his work, World Changers selected him to be a part of the first leadership course in March 2003.

Right after he finished that course in July 2003, Vusi was asked to take charge of the KwaNyuswa training centre. To this day, he continues to manage the centre, enlisting a team of about 10 workers (half are full-time workers) to run the centre's activities, which include life skills and computer training courses that had been conducted prior to his involvement.

Vusi, along with his volunteers, have taken on a number of other initiatives including sports, the drama and arts programmes, a community library, an ongoing Bible-study group, along with several businesses, including a car wash (that employed four people for several years until it closed down) and a tourism company, Vuk' Africa Tours, which takes local and overseas tourists around this area.

He also does a lot of work in prisons while overseeing an offender rehabilitation programme involving a partnership with the Pinetown Magistrates Court. Vusi has trained hundreds of people from this community and has helped transform thousands of lives through his teaching at many locations around Durban and through coordinated World Changers' radio programmes in May and June of 2005.

Vusi has also gone beyond “the call of duty” and started his own organisation, Light Providers, which now has about 10 volunteers, half of whom are full-time workers. Run by protégé Vusi, his organisation reaches out to the local community in many ways, including continuing to run life skills programmes.

Vusi also established a cultural tourism company, Vuk' Africa Tours, which takes local and overseas tourists around the area. This company employs several people full time and a number of other people part-time (including tour guides), and all the profit goes towards funding Light Providers. It is currently being managed by an Australian volunteer, Katie Blundy, overseen by Vusi.

Vusi also does a lot of work in prisons and helped start an offender rehabilitation programme with World Changers, which has involved a partnership with the Pinetown Magistrates Court. Vusi has trained hundreds of people from the community and has impacted thousands of lives through teaching at many locations around Durban and through coordinating World Changers' radio programmes in May-June 2005.

Vusi is now on a full scholarship at Monash University SA, the South African branch of one of the top 50 universities in the world. He is studying criminology as his desire is to transform the criminal justice system.

You can learn more by clicking on these links: Vusi Kweyama’s personal Web site, his Light Providers site, his Vuk' Africa Tours site, and a Sunday Tribune article on Vusi.


Name: Mlungisi Hlongwane
Location: Hammarsdale
Life Skills Graduate: June 2003

Mlungisi Hlongwane Mlungisi completed the first World Changers leadership course given in March 2003. Straight after the course, he was selected by Capacity (a temporary employment agency) to work at Rainbow Chicken in Hammarsdale. Within a short period of time, he was managing approximately 100 workers, most of whom were much older than him and initially questioned doubted that he could become an effective business manager.

Fortunately, he soon gained a good reputation, becoming a model to the employees and fellow managers. What makes Mlungisi's story so successful is that he had absolutely no work experience before taking this job.


Name: Nombuso DimbaA life skills graduate, Nombuso Dimba, now works with a World Changers partner organisation
Date of Birth: 11 June 1978
Location: KwaNyuswa
Time Span with WCA-SA:
August 2002 to June 2007
Life Skills Graduate: June 2003

Nombuso Dimba Nombuso is another WCA student who took and completed the first leadership course given in March 2003. Since then, many doors have opened for her.

She took part in a one-year YWAM programme, along with Msizi (highlighted above), in Belfast from 2003 to 2004. Afterwards, she rejoined World Changers as one of its coordinators of WCA's high school leadership programmes. Amazingly, over the years, Nombuso has trained more than 500 students through a number of WCA's seven-day leadership programmes.

Nombuso has also helped market and promote two education conferences for principals and senior teachers. Additionally, given the opportunity, she traveled to Australia as a World Changers ambassador, solidifying WCA's partnership with The Oaktree Foundation. What's more, Nombuso studied and earned her degree in social work through UNISA while working full time with World Changers.

Today, Nombuso works with another World Changers partner organisation, Makaphuthu Children's Home, as a social worker. However, she still very much feels that she is a member of the World Changers family.


Name: Patrick Cele
Location: Mthwalume
Time Span with WCA-SA: March 2003 to June 2004,
then September 2005 to February 2007
Leadership Graduate: June 2003

Patrick Cele Patrick was selected for the first World Changers leadership course in March 2003. He had been running a community youth organisation called Umsanzi. For his leadership course outreach, Patrick decided to run a mini-leadership course for the members of his organisation. He has also endeavored to be a person of integrity in a field that often lacks integrity: politics.

He has been the vice-chairperson of the African National Congress (ANC) in his ward and has recently served as chairperson of the ANC Youth League for his entire region. One day Patrick hopes to serve as a political representative in Parliament or the local council. He served WCA for approximately 1.5 years between late 2005 and early 2007, first as life skills programmes manager, later as chief operations officer.

In 2007, he left World Changers to establish a skills training organization called ProLad. In the same year, he took a post as youth development manager for Umzumbe Municipality. While in that position, he helped open doors for World Changers, enabling it to expand significantly into the KZN South Coast region, in partnership with the Ugu District Municipality (local government) and a Belgian donor.

Currently, he is one of the senior directors in Umzumbe Municipality, in charge of social services and economic development. He continues to upgrade his education through correspondence at University of South Africa. He is also a board member of World Changers Academy.