Course Topics

All of World Changers' life skills courses, both for high schools students and the unemployed, cover the topics shown below.

Its leadership programme courses cover all but the last three topics; HIV/AIDS, Job Preparation Skills and Finances, and Opportunity Awareness. The leadership programme also specifically emphasises the leadership component of these topics. For example, vision in life skills focuses more on career and personal vision, while the same topic in leadership focuses more on vision for community and society.

  • Vision, Goal Setting, Life Purpose
  • Healing of the Past: Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Confession
  • Relationships and People Skills: Conflict Resolution, Teamwork, Sexual Behaviour, Romantic Relationships, Understanding People
  • Communication Skills: Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication
  • Leadership Skills: Decision Making, Initiative, Leadership Styles, Team Building, Accountability, Mentoring
  • Self-Esteem: Understanding Weaknesses and Strengths, Motivation, African Renaissance
  • World View: Understanding belief systems that inform why WCA-SA does what it does
  • Personal Growth: Self-Leadership, Spiritual Growth, Family Issues, Character Building
  • Volunteerism and Active Citizenship
  • HIV/AIDS: Prevention, Treatment, Care for Those Affected
  • Job Preparation Skills and Finances: Prioritising, Budgeting
  • Opportunity Awareness: Jobs, Learnerships, Study, Volunteering, Entrepreneurship

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